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Nervous Lesbian

Lots of lesbians, gay men, and transgender people

I was so nervous, my first emotion doing anything related to the LGBTQ community. It’s an excitement that blossoms into a plethora of “what ifs.” What if…I unknowingly photograph some brilliant photographer and she loves my photo so much she hires me to be her private photographer for millions? What if . . . I see Kristy McNichol and our eyes meet, she runs into my arms and falls madly in love with me? What if . . . while volunteering, I photograph a once-in-a-lifetime image that can never be recreated, and I capture a critical moment in history. You can imagine all the self-induced pressure I put on myself. I not only need to be charming (Kristy), inspirational (producing a historical document) and brilliant (for the potential client). And I must make it look effortless.

Studio 54: A Documentary Film

You get the picture; I don’t always live in the moment. However, I was present and, on a roll, last night. It was the first night of Outfest LA 2018 at the Orpheum Theater, the film Studio 54 was showing, and it was amazing. As Eric Kim, my photography guru reminds me to get close and get personal. I remember him telling my class that people like getting their portrait taken. I used this to my advantage last night. I made a point of asking people who came in alone; they lit up when I asked to take their portrait. I was connected. See for yourself.

Who is who in the Queer community?

I did not know a soul at the event until I ran into my colleague and fellow Bruin, Amina. I am a proud lesbian since 1984, but truly have never been involved in the community for some odd, perhaps insecure, reason. Last night, I was on fire. The benefit of not knowing who anyone is or what anyone does for a living is a freedom I cherish.

I love people, all people. I love faces; I love wrinkles, freckles, crooked noses, smirks, and big ears. As I told folks last night, I want to see you. I want your face.

Of over 500 photos I shot, only one person asked that I take a few steps back. With everyone else we shared a moment in time, we shared a space, and together we made a portrait. Enjoy these portraits of all the beautiful people I met last night.

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Angélica V. Hernández, Ph.D.

Angelica Hernandez, Ph.D. @UCLA, Sexual Trauma Expert, Writer, Speaker for RAINN @RAINN01 and Mamasita of 2.